The First Week

29 Jul

I’ve been in my new house for a week now.  The week has been filled with normal moving stuff, you know, packing, unpacking, looking for stuff that I put in a “safe place”, figuring out where to put things in the new house, basically, everything under the sun.

A few days after I moved in, I needed to do laundry so I threw it in the washer! (Now, before you all jump down my throat, the appliances were sold in “as is” condition, so I knew there was a possibility that something may not work.) It filled and washed wonderfully, and I kept doing work around the house.  Then all of a sudden, there was this big bang.  I’ll tell ya, it was one hellava noise!  I ran to the washer and it was MOVING!!! I’ve seen washers move before, so I just opened it up and tried re-arranging the clothes and started it spinning again!  Not two minutes later, BANG!  We opened it up and let it spin with the lid open and that’s when we realized that something was not right.  The drum was literally flopping around inside the washer!

I called out a repair man and after playing with it for a while, and charging me $84, he told me the suspension was gone and it would cost me more to have it repaired then to buy a new machine.  I thanked him and paid him.  Then I set out on the mission to find the cheapest possible new machine.  Once I had an idea of prices I began to haggle! Long story short, I got a good deal and they delivered the new machine today.

The men dropped it literally on the porch and didn’t hook it up.  I had a ton of laundry to do, so there was only one option…I had to move it and hook it up myself!

Well, I did it! There wasn’t too much swearing and I only put the washing machine on my foot once.  I’m really proud of myself! It’s up and running and doing laundry nice and quietly!

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One response to “The First Week

  1. Brenda

    August 5, 2013 at 4:35 PM

    Hi Catt, thought I would check and see how things are going with you. I see you have a new home. we (the Wednesday night knitters) often wonder about what’s happening with you. Enjoy your new home and take care of yourself and the family. Brenda


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