WIP Wednesday

Since I did my budget up after buying my little house, I’ve discovered that I’m quite close to being poor! I really enjoy eating and knitting, but seeing as knitting is a luxury, yarn buying has gotten the axe.  At least for now.  Heaven knows that I have enough yarn to last me about a life time, and then another lifetime’s worth of fibre on top of that.  I decided that it’s going to be stash knitting/spinning/crocheting from here on out, and starting with all my WIPs first.

I pulled out the Bernat Mystery Afghan KAL from 2009!!! I started it on time and never did get it finished.  Or anywhere close to finished either.

IMG_1842 IMG_1843This is the first a second clue finished in my choice of colours.  I’m got 1.5 squares of clue three done now too



One thought on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Looks like a beautiful blanket. I’ve saved it in my Ravelry library for a later date. Good luck in finishing it.

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