Something New on Sunday

This Sunday, I’m working on a new to me craft. 
A couple weeks ago, when a local craft store was one day from closing, I picked up a rug hooking kit simply because it was cheap and was a picture of a ladybug.  I’ve been slowly but surely making progress on it, but I’m not sure that it’s something that I would like to “get into”.  I find it really hard on my neck and back to be bent over hooking each little piece of yarn. 
The pattern is printed on the mesh, but it also comes with a chart to follow.  I can’t wait for it to be done and finished, because I will hang it on my wall proudly. 
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Does Size Really Matter?

While waiting for my turn at the doctor’s office today, The Man noticed the ring on another patient’s finger.  Later in the car he commented that it must have been over a carat and a half.  I told him that, in my opinion, it’s stupid to have a ring that big.  He commented that it just means that somebody must really love her.  I think that the size of the “rock” your partner buys you has nothing to do with how much they love you… at least it shouldn’t.
An engagement ring, or any jewellery purchased for you by your romantic partner, should be a symbol of their love, not a symbol of how much money they spent on it.  Why have we become a society where the more money a person spends the more it means they love you?
This past Christmas, The Man bought me one of those fancy expensive bracelets. You know, the ones you have to practically mortgage your house to be able to afford.  Well, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I really wish he hadn’t spent that much.  I mean, what if I lose it or it breaks?  I would feel terrible.  He could have just as easily gone to a jewellery store, or a department store for that matter, and bought me a sterling silver bracelet for a small fraction of the price of the one he did get.  It still would have meant the same, I still would have loved it as much, and maybe would be still be able to go out for ice cream a few times with the money he saved.
Odds are good that we will never get married.  The Man has declared that he has purchased his last engagement right, and that is quite ok with me.  But just for the sake of argument, let’s say that he gets crazy and proposes.  I would hope that he wouldn’t buy me a ring that would require me to start using steroids just to be able to carry it around.  I much rather something simple and symbolic.  For instance, I love forget-me-nots, why not a white gold forget-me-not ring?  I know they exist, I’ve seen them and pinned them on Pinterest.  Or any other item that represents something special to us.  For that fact, why would it have to be a ring at all?
Anyway, back to the original point of this post…I would sure love to hear from some of you ladies about yours rings.  Are they huge? Or tiny? Or not a ring at all?  And Gents, how did you decide what ring to buy for your gal?  I sure hope that not everyone believes that the size of the ring equals how much they are loved.
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Long Time No Blog

Wow! Seven months since I’ve last blogged!  I keep meaning to but never get around to it.  There have been lots of new things and adventures, including the one that I’m currently on (but I’ll get to that soon), so I’d like to do a mini update.  I’ll try not to bore you all to tears!
In August of last year, I got a job working almost full time at Max’s Golf Centre.  I liked it and was good at it, but it was really hot exhausting work.  It’s just over the road from my house, so lots of times I walked to work too.  Unfortunately, business really started to slow down in October and they couldn’t justify paying me to sit there and do nothing (which I totally understand), so they laid me off.  I guess I technically still worked there, but haven’t had a shift since being laid off.
I quickly figured out that money doesn’t last long, so I started the job hunt again.  I ended up getting hired at the Tim Horton’s in St. Jacobs.  Many people, including me, knew that it wasn’t the right job for me, but what was I supposed to do?  I couldn’t get hired anywhere else, and I was in desperate need of the money.  My manager and co-workers said I was catching on quickly and was doing really well, but I was coming home in tears almost every night.  I knew I just couldn’t do this job for a very long time.  It lasted a week.
My lovely sister reminded me that one of my cousins had posted on Facebook about her company looking for a delivery driver.  THAT’S a job I knew I would enjoy and be good at.  By the time we tried to look on Cousin’s profile for the number, she had already taken it down.  Luckily, when Sister had taken a screen shot and sent it to me originally, it had saved to her phone.  Sister was able to find it and send it to me.  I quickly called the Boss, who’s name was listed to call and told him that he had found a driver because I am perfect for the job.  I went in that Thursday evening (while I was still working at Tim Horton’s) for the interview and Boss called me the next day while I was working, to tell me I was hired.
I work at Peterbilt Truck Centre in Ayr, started November 19 and I love it.  I’m essentially in my truck (which is really a big van) all day driving around.  I deliver truck parts to different shops but my travel radius really isn’t that far.  I get to see lots of cool things though when I’m driving, which I’ll post about another time, and I get to listen to lots of podcasts and audio books.  Right now I’m the only driver, so I’m working tons of hours, but that’s really nice for the bank account.  It would be nice if there was a second driver so I wasn’t all the time rushing, and Boss IS looking for a second one, but it takes time to find the right person.  For the time being, I’m just working hard and doing my best and saving as much money as I can.  My co-workers and Boss are super nice people and right from the moment I walked in, it felt like I had known everyone for a long time.
My newest adventure started last Monday.  I woke up around 3am with a really super sore stomach so I drove myself to the hospital.  They gave me morphine and sent me down for an ultrasound.  Long story short, they did “emergency” surgery to remove my gallbladder Tuesday night.  I went home Wednesday morning but I can’t go back to work until March 24.  It’s only two weeks, but that means two weeks without pay.  I’m feeling pretty good now, my puncture wounds are healing well, even though I keep picking at them.  Eating is still tricky, but I’ll figure out what my stomach can and can’t tolerate eventually.
I guess for now I’m just going to sit around and knit and enjoy not having to work!
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My Fur Babies

A long over-due picture of Lewis

Gazing Out The Window

Gazing Out The Window


I don’t know what it is about my bedroom window, but Lewis is always staring at it or out of it.  At first I thought he was just looking at the curtain moving, so I pinned it up out of the way.  That’s when Lewis first “stood” at the window and looked out.  I have no idea what’s out there that he’s looking at, but he can’t get enough of it.  We’ve even taken him out on the leash to where he’s looking but he doesn’t seem to find the object of his interest until he comes back in.

In exciting news, we have a new member of the family!

This Is Jake!

This Is Jake!

Jake is almost 8 weeks old and he’s a purebred Morkie (yes, it’s possible! Both his parents are Morkies too)  He came to live with us yesterday and things have been going well!  Lewis is being mostly kind to him, although last night, he knocked Jake over trying to play with him.
Right now we’re working on house training and crate training.  House training is kinda coming along, but it takes time.  Crate training is ok, luckily his “grandma” gave all the puppies teddy bears to come home with that smell like their mama and litter mates.  We put the teddy in Jake’s crate and it seems to make him feel better when he’s in there.
I’ll have another post soon, with the “birth to now” pictures that Jake’s “grandma” sent to me.  It’s really neat to see how they develop.  I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he’s fully grown!

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The First Week

I’ve been in my new house for a week now.  The week has been filled with normal moving stuff, you know, packing, unpacking, looking for stuff that I put in a “safe place”, figuring out where to put things in the new house, basically, everything under the sun.

A few days after I moved in, I needed to do laundry so I threw it in the washer! (Now, before you all jump down my throat, the appliances were sold in “as is” condition, so I knew there was a possibility that something may not work.) It filled and washed wonderfully, and I kept doing work around the house.  Then all of a sudden, there was this big bang.  I’ll tell ya, it was one hellava noise!  I ran to the washer and it was MOVING!!! I’ve seen washers move before, so I just opened it up and tried re-arranging the clothes and started it spinning again!  Not two minutes later, BANG!  We opened it up and let it spin with the lid open and that’s when we realized that something was not right.  The drum was literally flopping around inside the washer!

I called out a repair man and after playing with it for a while, and charging me $84, he told me the suspension was gone and it would cost me more to have it repaired then to buy a new machine.  I thanked him and paid him.  Then I set out on the mission to find the cheapest possible new machine.  Once I had an idea of prices I began to haggle! Long story short, I got a good deal and they delivered the new machine today.

The men dropped it literally on the porch and didn’t hook it up.  I had a ton of laundry to do, so there was only one option…I had to move it and hook it up myself!

Well, I did it! There wasn’t too much swearing and I only put the washing machine on my foot once.  I’m really proud of myself! It’s up and running and doing laundry nice and quietly!

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More Pictures of My House

I got the pictures of my house from my wonderful realtor! I’ve labelled them but remember when you’re looking at them, that my poor little house needs some work.  113scott (118) 113scott (117) 113scott (116) 113scott (114) 113scott (112) 113scott (111) 113scott (110)
113scott (113)
113scott (108)
113scott (109)
113scott (107)
113scott (106)
113scott (105)
113scott (104)
113scott (103)
113scott (101)

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WIP Wednesday

Since I did my budget up after buying my little house, I’ve discovered that I’m quite close to being poor! I really enjoy eating and knitting, but seeing as knitting is a luxury, yarn buying has gotten the axe.  At least for now.  Heaven knows that I have enough yarn to last me about a life time, and then another lifetime’s worth of fibre on top of that.  I decided that it’s going to be stash knitting/spinning/crocheting from here on out, and starting with all my WIPs first.

I pulled out the Bernat Mystery Afghan KAL from 2009!!! I started it on time and never did get it finished.  Or anywhere close to finished either.

IMG_1842 IMG_1843This is the first a second clue finished in my choice of colours.  I’m got 1.5 squares of clue three done now too



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